Immovable Objects is the performance and recording name for multi-instrumentalist Matt Gagin. Before going solo, Gagin spent five years playing with the San Diego shoegaze band Waterline Drift.

After taking time off and working in audio production, he says he reflected on his experience and tried a different approach to writing. “After a while, when the band reaches a comfort zone with some success and with the music they are making, creativity can get more and more difficult,” says Gagin. “I’m not saying I don’t love playing in bands. I’m just saying it’s something you have to be aware of when you are in one.”

Gagin’s record, Hoping It Stays Just This Broken, varies from soft, graceful electronic arrangements to moments of noisy, triumphant release. One of the major components was a Fender Rhodes piano which adds a mellow, melodic sound to match Gagin’s angelic vocals.

Matt explains that he originally didn’t intend to record a whole album, but he was inspired by experiences and travel. After fourteen months of writing and recording, the album was released on the independent label Hawnyawk Records.